I do not need a tray to kill you...

This one's wet... And this one, and this one....

Lara (Ket)
24 February
So I suppose it might be time to make this a bit more grown up... Bah.

I'm heading towards a quarter of a century of life and I have accomplished a great deal. I am an apprentice in the United Stuntmen's Association, and am certified as an Actor/Combatant in the Society of American Fight Directors. I can perform well enough that I don't always think I suck. I have been lit on fire (on purpose and safely), I can ride a horse better than most people I know and can now fall off of one safely too. I've jumped 40 feet into an air bag, trained with some of the most fantastic stunt people that could ever exist, done a hell of a lot of stage fighting and started choreographing some pretty good stuff too... I love to read and write fantasy novels and historical fiction. I have attempted to begin modeling semi-professionaly, but am lazy and need to get an agent. I look damn good in a bikini, have modeled lingerie, been a lobsterfisherman (briefly), been to Paris, seen my three favourite bands perform, met my idol (Ray Park), and make a mean pasta dish.

Most importantly however, I have met the man I plan to spend forever with. He is the most wonderful human being imaginable, my favourite fight partner, the most fun individual in existence triplehdm.

My favourite color is green, and my favourite word is Tofu.